House Projects Update

Warning! Our house is currently chaos. We're talking cabinet doors and drawers everywhere, content of those drawers everywhere, tools everywhere, furniture everywhere, half painted things everywhere, paint spills on old carpet, miscellaneous holes in the walls and ceiling, missing baseboards, missing vents and outlets, ripped out things, half finished things, you get the gist. We've currently banned people from coming over, and according to the reactions of a couple of people that have stopped by, that seems to have been a good decision.

Are you cringing? It's gotten arguably better and worse.

But I promise we can see the light, the vision, an end result that is fabulous. And it's going to happen fast. We spent nearly four months on the go this summer, every week, every weekend, shortly after we moved in, so having a "break" to focus on remodeling is nearly therapeutic (well, for me anyway).

Here's a look at what we're working on and/or progress that's been made since we moved in.

Popcorn ceilings scraped and painted

Dexter much?
This project happened before we moved in. And no, we didn't do the scraping. It was a mess.
Father-in-law taught me how to spray the ceilings. Add that to the list of things I never want to do again. One and DONE.
First project wrapped.

Energy-efficient attic work - part 1 of a bigger solar project

No DIY credit here.

New floors and paint in the main living area and the office

Walls not so purple here.
Office = one of the rooms closest to done. Next step = desk.

And baseboards!

Someone got a new toy.
Finally invested in a spray gun to paint these. Miracle.

Another first  - caulking. I'm too much of a perfectionist to like caulking.

Can't tell you how big of a milestone getting baseboards in the office was for me.

Office closet semi-organized, for now

After move-in

Things actually out of boxes... after 6 months

Progress on the hall bathroom, including wallpaper removed

Still need to do mirror, faucets, baseboards and finish painting cabinets.

New windows (still waiting on two) - part 2 of our solar project

Look at that black eye! The main windows I wanted replaced - the top two. AND THEY MISORDERED! 1 more week.

We no longer have "holes" in the wall, like I can't just talk to Jeff directly through the glass.

Started wainscoting in the breakfast nook

Project planning.
Discovered hidden wallpaper under the removed chair rail, eww.

See that new chaos to the left?!? Everywhere.

Started painting hall bathroom and kitchen cabinets

First go with Annie Sloan chalk paint. Currently working on the doors.

Ripped out broken oven and cabinet area and had new oven and microwave delivered

1st time we've had a working oven since we moved in. Figuring out new cabinets next, and then to hang the microwave.

Got started on the butcher block counter tops!

No more center island old-school electric cooktop! And legit space to actually prep dinner now.

And you know, all those other little repairs and progress updates that are either invisible to the eye or not worth a picture.

We've got a long way to go, but we've also come a long way. And in two more weeks, we'll have a totally different looking kitchen. Trust me, you'll know - I'll be shouting to the rooftops (and sharing before and afters). TGIF!



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