Minimalist Christmas Decor

We put our tree up for the first time in THREE years. Woot. And the $30 spent in college on this Black Friday tree has clearly been well worth that full hosting shift I probably had to work to buy it. Have come along way.

The tree that has been dragged from storage unit to storage unit to attic to attic finally made its reappearance with a few other pieces of decor that have also been dragged through a similar tumultuous journey. Dubbed for this post - minimalist decor.

I say minimalist not because our house has some super artsy, modern, minimalist style, but rather because I have MINIMAL amount of Christmas decor, MINIMAL amounts of opportune space to showcase said decor, and have spent MINIMAL amounts of money on any of it. I think it's just enough Christmas for us!

First we have two of the most basic stockings we could find when we lived in our first house (from Home Depot), creatively hanging from our partition wall because we have no mantel :) Stockings accompanied by a snowman who is also sitting on the partition wall because we don't have much table or shelving space currently in our living area.

And this piece is hanging from our curtain rod because.... where else do you put it when you don't have shelves?

And then this gift box squeezed onto a side table. Maybe one day I'll fill it with something. But having anything out at all is a win for now. Mom and I raided (maxed out at 3 items, ya know) the Pier 1 clearance post-Christmas a couple years ago, and this has been its first true holiday display.

And this sign definitely hasn't been put out before because I snagged it post-Christmas at Hobby Lobby last year. I swear it was like $2, which totally beats a Pinterest project of who knows how much time.

Where you put your garland when you, again, have no mantel. But it works.

And then our lovely $30 pre-lit tree that I overload with ornaments to fill all the naked gaps that come with an entry-level tree. I've collected these ornaments over time - seems like something new gets added every year - as my year 1 green and gold vision had no pizazz at all. The tree skirt, though, hand-made by moi!

For a gal who loves the idea of holiday decorating but doesn't love the effort of actually doing it, I'm all for this minimalist Christmas gig!


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